Thanks to its fifteen years of experience in the hotel and non-hotel accommodation sector, our team of professionals supports you in the account management and management of all the activities related to your online business. Our working method consists mainly of three macro phases.

Step 1



We don’t play it by ear: the first mandatory stage is the analysis of what already exists in order to outline a strategy and schedule the necessary interventions.

Our team of experts will evaluate the status of your account through direct access to the panel. All elements and information are subjected to a free check which translates into a report of the current status and subsequent proposal of activities aimed at achieving the desired objectives.

At this point you will decide whether to use the Rocket Booking consultancy to fly among the stars.

Step 1



The second step is to take action: we boost! Let’s get with graphic and photographic adaptations, text revision, account management, tag association and everything else.

Details are important and we know how to increase your reach. Our vocational training and our team work across all the areas involved in the optimization process: from the content area (which will write complete and exhaustive SEO-friendly texts, giving information such as the surrounding area and the indications to reach the structure, completing your host profile, managing rates, availability and other details) to the graphic department, which will work on existing material or suggest new productions to be consi-stent with the required quality standards.

The technicians will deal at the same time with all those actions that are not tangible to the user but who work behind the scenes to improve your visibility.

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Step 1


Among the stars

And finally, as promised, among the stars! Once the Extranet panel is optimized, the algorithm will increase the rank of your property.

Reservations will rise immediately by 30%, already in the first weeks.

Inspired by the strength of our preparation, we assure you that we come with a money-back guarantee!

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